Alexis Vasilikos (b.1977) is an Athens-based fine art photographer and the co-editor of Phases magazine, an online publication that focuses on international contemporary photography. He is represented by CAN Christina Androulidaki Gallery.

Dystopian Sequence is a series of images about love in the times of choleric capitalism. The initial pull came from the economic crisis in Greece and the politics that are implemented by the IMF and the Eurogroup in the deficit countries of the South. Although this series is in a direct dialogue with what is happening in the sphere of the political consciousness, it is not limited to that sphere and that is because I don’t see how we can solve the so-called “political problem” without coming to a clear understanding of our true nature, so this is why there is a constant shift in the focus, from the political to the spiritual and vice-versa.

Images by courtesy of CAN Christina Androulidaki Gallery and the artist.